The massive industrialization of agriculture has led to the paradox that most farmers, subjected to intensive farming, no longer feed their fellow citizens. The race for productivity, for export, and for the lowest prices, has resulted in the destruction of food-producing agriculture in many countries.


Can we accept that our children and grandchildren have neither the quality nor the diversity of food that we have today?


Like so many endangered animal species, thousands of varieties of fruits, vegetables and fish are progressively being erased from our food map. We cannot resign ourselves to eating this limited menu, offering only an abundance of standardised and tasteless products, to the detriment of our health.


Agriculture, environment, health, economy, culture, education and tourism: all pillars of our contemporary society are impacted by this food peril.  To fight against these growing threats, access to « good food » must not be a privilege but an absolute right, independent of any notion of income.  No citizen should be excluded from this right for economic, social or cultural reasons.


Our Foundation brings together under one roof several projects that achieve these objectives. Welcome to the world of food biodiversity that we want to preserve. Eating is an agricultural act!




The Foundation for the Promotion of Taste has the following goals:


- the promotion, enhancement, and preservation of quality and tasteful products, respectful of the
  culinary and oenological traditions of their region of production.


- the development of an early awareness of tastes and smells for younger generations.


- the organization of the Swiss Week of Taste, as well as all other network actions that contribute to the
  education of taste from the youngest age, to the enhancement of the producers of food biodiversity, in
  the spirit of the preservation of the culinary heritage.


The Foundation can undertake any action that will allow it to reach its goals directly or indirectly.


The Foundation is a non-profit organization.



Robert Cramer

President, Former State Councillor

Martine Jaques

Vice-President, Coordinator PDR Grand-Entremont

Carlo Crisci

Consultant Chef, La Fleur de Sel restaurant, Cossonay

Vreni Giger

Chef, restaurant Rigiblick, Zurich

Philippe Gobet

EHL Ambassador of Excellence - Meilleur Ouvrier de France Cuisine

Maya Graf

State Councillor and certified organic farmer

Filippo Lombardi

Former State Councillor





Foundation Office

Foundation Board

Swiss Week of Taste

The Great Places of Taste

Swiss Culinary Merit

Swiss Wine Tour

Josef Zisyadis

Director of the Foundation

Giulia Onori




« The Swiss Week of Taste » is an event that takes place every year in September throughout Switzerland. For ten days, it gives everyone the opportunity to make culinary discoveries, to stop and taste, to question our relationship with food and to make us aware of the origins of our food.  It helps to make us aware that eating is not only a time to recharge our batteries but also to enjoy ourselves.

« Sport@Gout» is a project of the Week of Taste, whose objective is to promote and develop a quality, tasty, local, seasonal sports food on the sidelines of sporting events.



The « Swiss Culinary Merit » prize was created to highlight the excellence of Swiss gastronomy and in particular that of the profession of culinary chef.

Each year, at the end of a national competition, this prestigious prize is awarded to four chefs whose work has brought honour to the profession, who are recognised for their excellence, their know-how and for practising their art while respecting the authentic products of the Swiss culinary heritage.



« Great Places of Taste » is a project launched in 2018 that promotes Switzerland and its fantastic regions as gourmet destinations, to make them ambassadors of Taste and to encourage tourism linked to gastronomy, to the promotion of its regions and their fabulous products. Nine "Great Sites of Taste" regions are already part of it.



«Swiss Wine Tour» is an innovative national wine tourism project, which aims to highlight the wine and tourism offerings of each canton.

Its objectives are to create and bring together through this platform, a national network of quality service providers and partners who share the same philosophy, in order to promote the high quality of our wines by proposing original and authentic wine tourism packages.



The Swiss Week of Taste

The Swiss Culinary Merit

The Great Places of Taste

Swiss Wine Tour

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